Trust Platform

Ethereum Ecosystem for any Mobile Device

Trust Platform is a set of core technologies and solutions that work together as an ecosystem with enhanced capabilities able to provide developers with advanced tools, enable the integration of blockchain and non-blockchain projects, and reveal the true power of blockchain to the general public. Components of Trust Platform are autonomous but, when working together, are able to augment each other to solve complicated technological challenges, including mass adoption. Keeping with the spirit of blockchain, Trust Platform is designed to be open and available to anyone.

Token Sale Registration is Live!

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TST Token

TST token is a native ERC20 app-token that powers the Trust Platform. The in-app utility of TST will be used for platform monetization, increasing the functionality of the Trust Platform and creating a functioning decentralized dApp Marketplace. It will help to further incentivize the creation of sustainable dApps and introduce a reputation mechanism to vouch for trusted developers and dApps. With TST powering the Trust Platform, the Trust community will be the driving force to promote and accelerate both adoption and development of Web 3.0 and Blockchain Technology.

KYC information coming soon. Stay informed!

Trust Wallet

The Wallet is built to interact with Ethereum-based blockchains. It allows users to securely store, send, and receive Ethereum-based digital assets (ETH, ETC, POA and CLO), including Ether and any ERC20, ERC223 or ERC721 tokens.

Trust Browser

The Browser is a fully functioning Web3 browser that can be used to interact with any decentralized application (DApp) directly from the app, safely and securely.

Future Development

Decentralized DApp Marketplace

A decentrally-curated list of DApps, built on smart contracts that is maintained by users themselves to control the quality of content.

Trust ID

A solution that will allow identity registration and verification for users and DApps within Trust Platform.

Trust SDK

A kit that allows developers to create applications on top of Trust Platform. It exposes Trust Platform to new markets and non-blockchain businesses. As an example, any developer will be able to integrate payments or deposits in cryptocurrency directly into their mobile applications with Trust.

Trust API

An open-source software intermediary to communicate with the Trust Wallet and other applications within Trust Platform to utilize their internal functions.


  • Trust App & DApp Browser - since January 2018
  • Trust SDK - Ability to integrate Trust platform into other application - Q3 2018
  • Trust API - Utilize Trust to exchange data with other applications - Q4 2018
  • Trust ID - Account and reputation management - 2019
  • Decentralized DApp Marketplace - Decentrally-curated list of DApps - Q4 2018/2019


Viktor Radchenko
Founder & CEO
Max Rasputin
Co-Founder & CTO
Boris Butakov
Co-Founder & CMO


John-Paul Thorbjornsen
CEO of CanYa
John Ng Pangilinan
Founder of Signum Capital
Renqi Shen
Fenbushi & Blockasset Ventures
Arthur Balikhin
Managing Partner X8C Group